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Mathew Kundinger – Your source and resource for everything you need to know about the manuals for the products you sell in the United States.

Manuals that actually work  |  ANSI Z535.6 compliant safety messages  |  Product liability aspects

The focus of my consulting practice is on operating, maintenance, repair and other manuals for machinery, production equipment and all kinds of other products from electronic controls to retractable dog leashes.

If it is sold in the United States, it has to have a manual with proper safety messages.

The requirements for manuals are often not really known (until a law suit is filed), frequently not obvious, and most importantly, constantly changing and getting more stringent all the time.

It is absolutely necessary that a manufacturer knows how to write these manuals so that they will do their job correctly, which is to help the reader use the product and avoid accidents, injuries and law suits.

A lot of care is necessary to

  • select a correct structure
  • employ enough detailed information including appropriate illustrations like photos or drawings
  • consider the product liability implications
  • use correct US-English with consistent terminology
  • design effective and easy to understand safety messages and warnings by correctly applying the ANSI Z535.6 standard

I fly to Germany a few times a year to teach 2-day-seminars on this subject (in German) and am currently designing a seminar in English to be held here in the United States.

If you are interested, please CONTACT me.